Is it Really Worth Paying Extra For Enclosed Auto Transport?

People always want what is best for their money, and that includes transportation of their vehicles. In regards to this, many ask themselves, “Is it worth paying extra for enclosed auto transport?”

Enclosed auto transport is an excellent option for people looking to relocate their vehicle. It offers the security of a locked container, which will keep your vehicle safe from almost any damage during transit.

However, the idea of paying extra for enclosed car transport may seem silly at first. But by the end of this blog post, you will have understood what makes the fee reasonable.

Open-air Auto Transport vs. Enclosed Auto Transport

Generally, there are two types of auto transport, open-air and enclosed. Either way, there are factors that you should consider when deciding on which one to avail.

Open-Air Auto Transport

Open-air auto transport is the most common way to get your car across the country. You almost always see open carriers on the road shipping different vehicles every day as it is a cost-effective option for car transportation.

Open-air carriers allow increased visibility of what is happening with your vehicle. Also, the process for open-air is much faster than enclosed, so your vehicle is more likely to reach its destination earlier. You also don’t have to worry about your car’s safety too much as companies make sure to secure your vehicle tightly.

However, it can be more dangerous in an accident or rough weather conditions due to their exposure to the elements. There is also a slight possibility of minor damage such as scrapes or dents from nearby objects that could knock into the vehicles, especially in traffic. Theft and vandalism are also issues on open-air transit.

But issues rarely happen, and your car will usually get to the address in good condition. Plus, the shipping fee is relatively cheap.

Enclosed Auto Transport

As you may be aware, enclosed auto transport is the process of moving a vehicle from one location to another while it’s completely covered. If you are looking for something that will protect your car from severe damage during an interstate, this type of service should be on top of your list.

Enclosed auto transport offers better protection for your vehicles against the weather. It is also theft and vandalism proofed, which you would highly prioritize if you are transporting luxury or custom-made cars.

Additionally, when transporting large numbers of vehicles at once, such as fleet moves, it can get challenging to fit them all in an open-air truck. This is particularly true when you have to drive on steep hills where the vehicle weights make it hard to control and maneuver your transportation.

Enclosed auto transport can help solve that problem by providing a safe, secure way for drivers to load their vehicles without having any issues with swaying back and forth across large distances.

However, due to its low demand, it is harder to reserve for this service. Contrary to open-air, this method takes more time for preparation. Beyond this, there is not a real issue.

Why Should You Pay Extra for Enclosed Auto Transport?

It is no secret that enclosed auto transport costs much higher than open-air. But is it really a good deal?

Vehicle Safety

The increased price has more to do with the safety issues than anything else. With enclosed auto transport, you can rest assured that your goods are not exposed and vulnerable to weather changes or any other outside factors like theft and vandalism.

Better Security in Difficult Tracks

Open-air trucks are known to be less secure and reliable on steep hills where it is difficult for drivers to control the movement of their vehicles. This may cause damage to your car that could end up in costly repairs. Enclosed auto transport solves this problem by providing security in addition to protection from elements.

Weather Proof

If you wish to transfer your vehicle to a location where the movers will inevitably encounter harsh weather like heavy snow or rain, hail, sun, or dust, you should go for enclosed auto transport. The four walls surrounding your car will safeguard your car from all these.


Auto Transport companies provide insurance to attract more customers and even more favorable offers when high-end cars are involved. This is to entice potential consumers of their confidence in their service.

Enclosed auto transport offers better stability for your vehicles during transit.


Enclosed auto transport is more expensive than open-air but offers better stability for your vehicles during transit, especially in harsh conditions. Keep in mind what you’ve read in this article to help you decide whether to pay extra for enclosed auto transport or not.

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